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Welcome to MwM!

This website is a place where managers in all types of organizations can learn about using measures of organizational performance to manage for results and success.

It is hosted by Robert Wise, the President of SystemWise Consulting, LLC. His firm assists managers in government, corporate, and non-profit organizations who want to develop and use measures of organizational performance. You can read about his background in MwM Bio.

You will find several types of learning resources here:

  • An interactive discussion blog about measuring organizational performance
  • Articles that can be downloaded by entering your email address
  • A subscription to a monthly email with advice on using performance measures

You are invited to visit the website often and to submit your comments and questions about measuring organizational performance to MwM Blog.

For Immediate Release.

Robert Wise has a new book on performance measurement available from Amazon.

Written specifically for managers, Managing with Measures: How to Choose the Right Performance Measures for Your Organization, by Dr. Robert Wise, describes a seven step method for how a leader can select and use performance measures to manage for success.


Topics in the book:

  • Leadership principles for measuring
  • Getting ready to decide on measures
  • Describing your organization
  • Selecting the right measures
  • Defining and organizing measures
  • Stating performance criteria
  • Putting measures into use

An Amazon reviewer wrote, “If you have a leadership position in your organization, and you want to learn how to measure your organization’s performance, this book will speak directly to you. It is a very readable book, not too long but very detailed.”